I am currently a Web Developer and Applications Programmer at the Arnold Arboretum. I also co-chair Harvard’s ABCD-WWW group (@HarvardWWW) & I am founder/co-chair of Harvard’s Women in Technology group (@HarvardWIT).

Most recently, I have been working on the Arboretum’s responsive web app with Jason Sardano, which was developed with the ESRI ArcGIS API JavaScript. I also transferred our website into the content management system WordPress.

Prior to this, I was the Managing Editor for Harvard Papers in Botany and also the Web Manager for the Harvard University Herbaria. I started out as a botanist and worked for several years as a horticulturist, and then in a plant phylogenetic lab conducting seed germination studies and DNA sequencing experiments.

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  1. I made a comment to an article on “Journalists’ Resource” (using a Chromebook), took be a few minutes, and when I submitted it got a message that I had taken too much time, please resubmit. So I went back to the article using the browser’s back button, went to the comments page (which still had all that I had written except for the stop-bot next to the submit button, resubmitted it, and twice more after that. It does not take comments! or mine, anyway. I might add, at the end of the article, there was no comments option to read what others had submitted. Nor was there any mention that the article was old and was no longer taking comments.

    1. Hi Jeff,
      Sorry you had trouble and for the delayed response. I forwarded your comment to the Journalist’s Resource content managers.


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